Transparent in Opaque


Transparent hidden in the opaque.
The grandness of life is noble.

Water carves mountains.
Whimsical winds create and dissipate.

So many factors working
In silent harmony.

What then of that consistent wind?
Forever sculpting you.

When will the outer
Mirror the inner?

Before you dissipate as quickly
As those clouds,

Be mesmerized by the transparent One
In your opaque being.

Nature’s timing
Is impeccable.

Millions for mountains.
Hours for clouds.

One lifetime for you.
Connect the dots and you will see.

Here is exactly
Where you are supposed to be.

When the heart is drenched from those rains,
Fulfillment saturates your essence.

This entire creation was made
To bring out your most divine gift;

Atul Ranchod


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