It Takes a Pulse


Why so difficult to feel?
Why such resistance to be real?

What does it take to feel alive?
It takes a pulse.

Why are some “dead” inside?
Have lost their softness

From where all this began.
It takes a pulse.

Why are some unable
To connect to their true worth?

Why are some unable to see past the fog?
It takes a pulse.

How is it that when the universe
Is at your beck and call,

Some still feel so small?
Reacting all day to the trivial,

Missing the most real.
It takes a pulse.

Why after hearing
What really matters,

Ignoring the most obvious?
It takes a pulse.

When will the true listening to
Your own understanding

Finally emerge?
It takes a pulse.

This breath is nothing.
No treasure inside.

Most would agree.
Because they’ve accepted poverty.

To claim your riches
It takes a pulse.

What then is the
Value for the One?

At the crux of the matter,
What was the gift truly given?

The pulse to connect
To the beauty within.

To have been given
The most precious,

Without which even
Having everything, still lacking.

When you are linked
To the One within

By this most
Delicate pulse,

Gratitude transforms
From a word into a feeling,

Augmenting the very act
Of breathing.

This heart still pulses to feel.
This being still pulses to know.

Existence itself, continues
To unfold.

Now each pulse is felt a little deeper.
What Is truly yours, can never leave you.

This, is the love
You were born to feel.

Because my friend,
This pulse Is real!

Atul Ranchod


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