Mirror, Mirror


Photograph by Atul Ranchod

Never an ugly duckling.
No need to continue fighting.

Accompanied from the first moment.
Acknowledge and evolve.

When till the end
You are my dearest friend,

Fear has been vanquished.
Presence of the greatest force unleashed.

See behind the veil.
No longer hidden in plain sight.

Devotion, love, freedom, peace.
Drop these words and be released.

The source of all these words
Emanates from this living breath.

Mirror of the highest caliber.
Reflecting the essence of the creator.

No dimensions.
No restrictions.

No judgements.
True. Because this is you.

Feeling of gratitude
Beyond words.

What a pristine mirror
You have kept clean.

What is the greatest honor
I can give to you?

Look into the depths
Of the mirror.

So I can know me,
Thereby know you.

Atul Ranchod


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