Divine Lover


What is it then
To see the One?
What does his presence offer?

Words are just
The tip of the iceberg.
Force of power.

Delivering gifts
Of love’s fire.
Bringing you

Once again
To the threshold
Of your own being.

No obligation.
No rules.
No reason.

Love, brought to life
By the most
Divine lover.

Discover once again
Your heart’s
Finest hour.

Eyes connect.
Words received.
Most importantly,

Feeling complete.
Such is the majesty
Of this regal love.

Amongst all the inhabitants
On this planet,
To have recognized

This living love
And admire everyday,
A connection that

Is never far away.
Linked together forever
By this graceful wind.

Extracting the most
Divine love granted
To a human being.

Atul Ranchod


One thought on “Divine Lover

  1. It is my wish, that everyone on Earth receives this experience at least once in their lifetime. It is both, a magnificent process, and a huge baseline for us to examine ourselves… To mirror and challenge one another.
    To recognize; in an instant, that person holds that gift for you is like coming home.


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