Here I Am


Photograph by Atul Ranchod

What if the answer
Is greater than the
Scope of the question?

Human nature is

Otherwise we wouldn’t
Have lasted nature’s
Obstacle course.

Look again.
What do you see?

This tree is
But a reflection
Of the beauty inside you and me.

So easy to
Acknowledge the outside.

Why then does beauty
Which resides inside
Miss us completely?

Simple answer.

This perhaps needs
A little explaining.
As to what is pertaining.

Because it’s always there,
Sometimes we neglect to care.

Caught up in all the actions.
The magnificence of life,
Huge and present is dismissed.

Today is
Too trivial.

The mystery holds
Greater promise.
Empty lands with nothing there.

I am.
So simple.

This tree
In its constant
“I amness”

Has found
The greatest bliss.

Welcoming minute
Changes over so
Many ages.

At no point in its
Growth missing a note.

Why does flourishing and
Thriving create an effect
On our existing?

To propel the heart
For a genuine choosing.

“You never know
What you have
Until it’s gone.”

This needs
To change.

For a human being
What does
I am mean?

Infinite. Accepting.

No longer a
For you or me.

When the scope
Of the answer

Is greater than
Any question
Could ever be,

It is time to
Become simple again.

The tree,

When perfectly tuned,
Are granted gratitude’s boon.

Atul Ranchod


One thought on “Here I Am

  1. Hi ATUL, Lyrics from Tom Rush song “Sunshine”, ‘I’m running short of things to be, sunshine means so much to me.’ Be well, Dave


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