Two Orbs Hovering


Photograph by Atul Ranchod

Two orbs hovering
In space. One cannot
Exist without the other.

If I could reach you
My essence would
Kiss the light you bring.

What a magnanimous sun!
So far and so near.
Hundreds of thousands

Of years for the light
To escape your core.
In minutes you

Bathe this sphere
With your light.
Oh giver of life!

When I look upon
Those years gone,
I can still see

The awe by which
I held thee.
What of this other one?

This orange sphere
So very near.
Plucked from a tree,

I rip open the skin
And gorge myself
On the soft orange meat

Quenching this thirst
Which is forever burning.
Dripping down the arms,

I grab one more, and then
Another. Satiated, I sit
Under its shade.

As I gaze upon you,
I suddenly realize
You graced this orange

So perfectly over time.
When I bit into it,
This was also you.

My very being
Is your blessing.
How completely dependant

I am on you.
From morning to night,
In perfect harmony,

You continue your
Ever present journey.
Glorious radiant one!

Humbled, I stand before you.
You made me thirst,
You quench my parched desert.

I drink you in,
Until finally, my sun of suns
Shines it’s light from within.

What a tremendous stage
For such a show to play out
Every single day.

No two alike.
Yet, there you are.
Oh constant one.

My dearest Sun!

Atul Ranchod


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