The Grape


Photograph by Atul Ranchod

Singular. Alone. Simple.
But ah, what a vision!
This arbitrary grape.

So eloquent is the equation.
If I could only stop and listen.
Delicate membrane.

Encasing the sweet flesh.
Empires have come and gone.
Intoxicated by its nectar.

As I bit into it, it felt like no other
Grape. I had captured its beauty.
Now it was merging within me.

Running through my veins,
Providing sustenance.
Even in its demise,

Continuing to give
Its sweet prize.
What a miracle.

I have consumed it.
It has consumed me.
Altered permanently.

As I reflect on this image,
I’m moved to realize,
This symbol is just a sign.

So too is it with the divine.
Until I’m consumed by it,
And it has consumed me,

What is beauty,
Will remain just a theory.
If so much wonder

Is in a single grape,
Just imagine
What’s in a moment!

Atul Ranchod


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