Destined To Be Dust In Your Infinite Heart


Stars above
Connect your soul’s light to mine.
Where you start I end
Even the letters
That make our name.

Salt cold water pouring in.
Wounds so long ago
At last, healing.

What words could express
Letting go into your hand.
Trusting your touch
To a heart that feels so much.

Quivering lips
Giving rise to an ancient mist.
Being washed away into your abyss.

Your penetrating eyes
Beaming a knowing I recognize.
Lost in their softness
Filling the skies.

Your hands which work
Their magic on the terrain
Of mind, body and spirit,
Has softened my being
Like the falling rain.

Defenseless to my roses
You hold with such deliciousness.
Like dew on parched lips,
Enthralled by the nectar of your bliss.

I am free to be open.
Allowing the seas to soften.

Like these stones
Destined to be dust
In your infinite heart.

Atul Ranchod


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