Regal Blue and You


Photograph by Peggy Colemane

Regal blue descending.
Spreading beauty’s wings.
Beak and feathers
Exquisite together.

Geometric precision.
Focus unwavering.
Fraction of time
Etched indelibly.

How sacred this thirst?
How ancient this quest?
Acknowledge then the obvious.
Both thirst and well within.

Seeing the regal being.
Bestowed with the
Ultimate blessing.
Sight worth seeing.

What film can
Capture fulfillment?
Become the instrument
To uncover the heart’s vision.

Disappear into your stillness
From where the ebb and flow
Of existence flows.
Thirst and water, fundamental.

Within this sliver of time
Know the Divine.
Quench the thirst
That created time.

Dig into your treasure trove.
Unwavering until complete.
This bird and you no different.
Both designed to be fulfilled.

Atul Ranchod


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