Rhythms Overlapping


Photograph by Atul Ranchod

Variations of skintones.
Quite irrelevant.
Such is the nature of swinging
By the ocean.

The ocean with aeons
Of experience.
Power to dessimate
Entire cities.
Depths difficult
To imagine.

Comes almost shyly
To the shore,
To kiss your feet.
Such is the nature of these
Life giving waters.

The Sun is not just a
Celestial body.
The rays warming
Your being are proof
Of the empire it
Continues reigning.

With all the humility
And sincerity within
My depths, I acknowledge.
Is it not evident
My reach is far beyond
This temporal encasing?

Girl on a swing, in rhythm.
Ocean waves,
In constant motion.
Sun’s rays,

The glue uniting all three,
Is this divine wind.
Powering this most
Exquisite symphony.

Standing on the shores
The salty waters flow
Like rivers from my soul.
I can breathe it all in,
Because I’m living!

Atul Ranchod


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