Photograph by Atul Ranchod

What are we missing?
December only to see
A poinsettia.

Who made this the norm?
What are we failing to see?
The arbitrary seasons

Aren’t in line with
Reality’s reasons.
Why be lost in oblivion?

No power can withhold
The intrinsic beauty
In your being.

Such was the design
From the very beginning.
Today is not your birthday,

No special occasion,
Or is it?
Those eyes of innocence
Are still intact.

That’s a fact.
What is the fear?
To be in a constant state
Of perpetual vulnerability.

But this is who you are.
When in a moment all your
Problems can disappear,

Discover and know what is dear.
This passage of time has
Nothing to do with

Rather the ultimate dance.
Rediscover your child in you.

The fascination for life still
Holds true. Take nature’s clue.
There is but one of you.

How personal must be the
Beauty that is…
The beauty who is you!

Atul Ranchod


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