Passion and Freedom


Photograph by Atul Ranchod

What are the two halves
That make you whole?
Passion and freedom.

Walking hand in hand.
Yet passion,
Can consume you entirely.

This yearning within
Fuels such a flame.
Placed by nonother

Then the divine itself,
To bypass all the obstacles
Along the way.

All the parameters
Calculated to
The tiniest detail.

Regardless of
Whatever is going on,
This fire is

The heart’s insistent song.
With such a force,
Only freedom could be paired.

God’s gift to thee;
The need to be free,
Nature’s duet.

Hidden gems.
Within the heartbeat
Of every being.

Equipped to accompany you
On lonely nights.
Where fear and doubt reside.

You, my friend,
Are in the company
Of the elite;

Clarity’s decree.
How did so much
get packed in to one breath?

Nice and neat
In every heartbeat.
Passion and freedom;

Gifts of the gods.
Addressing your potential,
To becoming actual.

Make the connection;
This breath,
Passion and freedom.

The very essence,
Of your inner kingdom.
Regardless of the masquerade,

Embrace your innate traits.
Walk this path then,
with what so graciously

Fashioned, even fate.
Life itself has bequeathed
You with awesome powers.

Passion, as your muse.
Freedom, as your siren.

Atul Ranchod


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