The Dirty Ferrari


Brand new it stood.
Twenty years of dirt accrued.

Attached to the film of dirt,
What lay underneath,

Was soon forgotten.
Crossroads of the dilemma:

Wash the filth,
Which isn’t the car,

Or continue to be attached
To the film of dirt

Which has kept hidden
What isn’t apparent.

One who washes
The dirt away,

Finds the color
Red once again.

Shine and polish.
Feel the throttle.

Now, flying down the highway,
Oh what a thrill!

The other, attached to the dirt
Has forgotten, that the layers

That seem true,
Aren’t really the view.

Although both may say
“Ferrari.” Holding true

To their respective
Points of view.

The choice,
Is really up to you.

Have you ever seen
A dirty Ferrari?

Its value is such,
Most wouldn’t allow dirt

To touch,
What they hold dear.

Keeping it clean
Is how its meant to be seen.

For a sparkling Ferrari
Is only becoming.

You are the Ferrari.

Have you felt the thrill
Of driving down

Life’s most
Enchanting highway?

Or, covered in dirt,
You’ve lost your true worth?

Now, no different
Than a beggar

Sitting on top
Of the most amazing treasure.

Thrive or survive.
Oh what a choice!

Atul Ranchod


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