Human Touch

What is touch?

What does being touched mean?
How can one be so moved
That the heart simply cannot contain
This feeling which is prevailing?
How did the greatest organ
orchestrate all the nuances
From the sole of the foot,
to the palm of the hand,
Down to the most infinitesimal change?
The nerve endings and synapses firing.
never tiring of this incredible act of

If you could embrace your innermost longing,
what would entail such a feeling?
This core which is sustaining the most exacting
heating of this being,
is by its very nature,
attuned to be touched
in the most subtlest of gestures.

Beyond preconceived notions and ideas,
is it possible to touch the divine?

Then be still the chatter
be still the noise.
Be still the voices.
Be still the stillness.

Just beyond it still,
pure, clear, and distilled.
As if revisiting those
Untouched moments,
to touch upon the most
precious innocence,
then to be touched
by love, not from above,
rather at the deepest source
from where this feeling flows.
So perfectly all life long.

Then sing out your song
as this existence has made it possible
to be touched by the ultimate feeling
bequeathed to each and every

Atul Ranchod


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