Dormant No More


Photograph by Atul Ranchod

Dormant underneath
The hard gnarled wood,
Petals coinciding
With Spring’s new beginning.

Although the world
Can harden from countless pains,
Dormant within our veins,
Beauty unimaginable reigns.

The flowers do not complain
Of their longevity.
Regardless of their brevity,
Simply ecstatic just to be.

When After all
The trials and tribulations, 
Life is not judging me.
Why should you?

Is there a joy in just being?
All around nature is screaming,
With a gentle wind reminding…

Allow yourself
To be free from
What you are expecting.

If the bark and flower
are juxtaposed perfectly together,
Between the great blue
And the solid earth.

Then when will the equilibrium
Resonate within you?
Celebrating the understanding
That living truly is the greatest thing!

Atul Ranchod


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