Desert Bloom


Photograph by Atul Ranchod

Arid and parched; defenses sharp.
Greedily holding on to each and every drop.
Judged for years as hostile and yet,
Even in this hopeless looking situation,
Yellow bursts.
Soft, supple, vibrant.

Deep within, are we not the same?
Then go past your name.
Forget the world, how harshly
You’ve judged yourself.
Yes the world has made it quite necessary,
To hold defenses ever ready.
But this story,
Is beyond the immediate disparity. 

Find your own bloom.
Garner every element,
To allow this flourishing.
Bring on the monsoon.
Be bathed in Sunshine.
Allow this heart once again,
To take center stage.
It is within those lands where your essence
Is free to roam without ambiguity.

Alas, the waters of this world
Would have served their purpose,
Giving rise to quench an age old thirst.
After all you were given this unique opportunity
To elicit the deepest bliss,
In the middle of the abyss.

Atul Ranchod


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