Neverending Courtship With Existence Itself


It is a perpetual romance with life.
Each day these elements have to be courted;
Clarity, passion, joy, choice, consciousness.

Each day has to be new.
No carrying previous knowledge into the
Newness of now.

Difficult? Yes. Doable? Yes.
No certificate. No accomplishments.
But so much wonder.
So much openness.
So much words can never capture…

Feeling, Ah…. feeling!
The ultimate feeling machine
Gets to feel the ultimate feeling.
New, fresh, again and again.

No need to look too far.
This breath has “not” accomplished much.
Allowing dirt to dance in this state.

Dance my friend, before it’s too late.
You were invited to an endless romance.
Take the chance and fall in love
With your essence today.

This is when the universe celebrates.
Because you are keeping the beat
Of your most unique dance
Within your heartbeat.

Atul Ranchod


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