I Acknowledge Me


Photograph by Atul Ranchod

It isn’t that my heart
Is incomplete.
This time given to me
Was designed to decorate it.

Little “insignificant” moments
I’ve collected together.
Diligently over my life span.
Have brought me to where I am.

Love in many forms has
Given me a helping hand.
With each petal
And leaf I’ve seen

A new discovery made
Again and again.
Just giving a little attention
Is all that is required.

It’s not an easy process allowing
My vulnerable heart
To let love come in.
That overly critical mind with

Never ending judgement.
I’ve made up my heart
To visit that space
Each and every day,

Where I am free from the many.
Allowing the one to settle and
Comfort me. There is trepidation.
Most certainly.

However, the rewards
Are too great to ignore.
Enjoying this discovery
To see what my heart has in store.

Atul Ranchod


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