Inhibit the Inhibitions


Impossible exists.
Light and dark have never met.
Yet both live inside.

What inhibitions
Keep from realizations?
Darkness keeps at bay.

Mirror reflects truth.
Without interpretation.
See for yourself. Know.

What’s being exchanged?
Confused over what is here?
Missing the simple?

Ideas aplenty.
Shaping, molding, distorting.
Reality lost.

Constant is this change.
Static or flowing. Pick one.
Outcomes are different.

Many paths to take.
However possible, wake.
Usher in the light.

Befriend yourself now.
Tap those fields of love you need.
Shatter all ideas.

No one is watching.
Ever present heart, guiding.
Drop your defenses.

Gratitude, innocence, tools.
Use them and expand.

Choosing is for free.
Priceless opportunities.
Fine tuned perfection.

Then what is prayer?
Help me see within clearly.
Closest dearest One.

If the ancient sun
Is beaming wisdom. Take heed;
Presence. Existence.

Fortunate indeed.
To even want to listen.
My grateful heart wins!

Atul Ranchod


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