Into The Woods


Photograph by Atul Ranchod

Into the woods
Deep within
Where I was going.

The sparkling sunlight
Intermixed with
Dancing shadows.

As the warm summer breeze
Blew through
The trees.

Humbled indeed.
For each scene
I had to concede

A lifetime
Would not suffice
To pay homage

To the intricate
Harmony so beautifully
Assembled before my very feet.

From dust to boulders
Variations in pressures.
What a composition!

From epochs
Where dinosaurs roamed
Millions of years to transform.

To those delicate petals;
Small, insignificant
Glittering viridian.

How did these massive trunks
With hollow centers
And uprooted limbs

With such eloquence?
Life and death meshed so simply.

Speechless in nature’s arms.
For it induces
The deepest calm.

So powerful
Is the need
To belong.

Just as easily
As the birds
Sing their song.

You, dearest one,
Came along.
To placate the deepest want.

I take you into
My deepest chambers
Where we were never strangers.

Where I am part of you,
For you are what I hold
To be true!

Atul Ranchod


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