Watch “”That Wasn’t Enough” by Atul Ranchod–Beautiful Visual Poetry!!” on YouTube

That Wasn’t Enough

What a genius design!
Masterpiece from inception!
But that wasn’t enough.

Constantly evolving into
Its own becoming.
But that wasn’t enough.

The entire spectrum of experience
Laid out in infinite variations,
Over a lifetime.
But that wasn’t enough.

Mind. Intellect.
Heart. Consciousness.
Existence itself.
Given as gifts so freely.
But that wasn’t enough.

Hidden in plain sight.
The discovery.
The uncovering.
The dirt and diamond.
But that wasn’t enough.

Addressing the deepest yearning
To receive fully this gift of gifts.
But that still wasn’t enough.

Love overflowing
When you gave the mirror
And I saw you
That was enough.

To quench a lifetime of ignoring
With the ultimate Knowing,
Still continually unfolding.

Now I realize my heart with the
Most delicate hands
You are holding.

Atul Ranchod


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