Culinary Art


Photo and food by Atul Ranchod

Porcelain blank as a canvas.
Hunger as the impetus.
Basic need.

A plethora of choices
To appease the appetite.
Choice of colors and textures

Brought together
Like paints on a palette
Jarlsburg, arugula, tomato.

Cream, green, and red.
To offset the arrangement
And create a sweetness

By the sensual flesh of the fig,
Tying together the flavors
Bursting in the mouth.

Vibrant colors
Delectable foods
The hunger present
But beauty in creating

The hunger beyond the basic.
Art and food coalesce
To bring genuine sustenance.

Presenting and receiving
Gifts of culinary offerings
Bind the giver and receiver.

Such is the love
Of art and cuisine.

Atul Ranchod


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