My Dearest Love


Photograph by Atul Ranchod

The words pour out like a torrent
From a heart so utterly clear.
Sparkling diamonds cascading
Upon my heart’s landscape.

It dawns on me all at once,
No way can I contain
All those precious drops.

Instead, allowing the cleansing
To overwhelm my mind’s
Grasp of listening.

There was no need
To grab a notebook
To jot down what can
Only be written on those pages
My heart understood.

With the deepest reverence
I open once again
This most precious gift.

To soak in the preciousness
Of existence you remind
Without end.

In the silence I witness
The source of love you’ve
Bestowed upon me.

This hunger, this thirst
Without any limit.
At last being quenched
By your deluge again.

How precious you are;
This heart’s acknowledging;

Without the recognition
Within, how would
I ever have known?

Instead, there aren’t even
Words to describe
Your presence
In my existence.

Everything my dearest heart
Has ached from the start;

To feel this love
Forever binding
You to me.

Totally free.

My dearest,
Dearest love.

Atul Ranchod


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