Stripped clean
Of concepts blinding,
Of darkness overwhelming,
Of approval of others neverending,
Of ignoring our own being,
Of false pretenses preventing,
Of weeds growing in our garden.

Then naked and bare,
Totally aware.
Entering the palace within,
Claiming your throne
Upon Divinity’s chair.
The portal to your universe
Begins there.

So many factors working against you,
Distracting you from what is true.
Then isn’t it obvious
There must be something
Utterly precious
At the center of you?

When the genuine shelter is found,
When the heart is fulfilled,
When this air you breathe,
Is filled with perfume.

When the reception
Is worthy for existence to enter
Into your innermost room,

This is when you begin
To have an inkling,
As to what it means
That you were given
The ultimate opportunity
To awaken..

To awaken to TODAY !

Atul Ranchod


One thought on “Today

  1. Very nice.
    Providence does have a way to get you there!
    Are you ready?then it is all yours and it has been waiting just for you.
    New thoughts and new implementation till it becomes the habit!
    All the truth lies in one moment.
    How much you want to live this moment makes you who you are.


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