The Exuberance Of Brilliance


Art: Alex Alemany "Mujer de acqua"

To view you,
To see you.
To be seen by you.
How many layers
To go through?

No matter how much dirt
Covers the diamond,
The dirt isn’t the diamond.

Are we attached to the dirt?
Have we lost touch of the diamond?
This washing of the dirt
Is a daily activity.

Because the sparkling innocence
At the core of you,
Is how you were meant to be.

Shine. Shine. Shine!

Use whatever cloth you need
To bring out the Divine.
So that who you are can
Sparkle and shine.

This is when the gods smile.
Not from above, but from within.

The luster and radiance
Emanating from such light,
Connects you at once
From starlight to your birthright.

Born from the deepest yearning
From the core of my being
Free at last to feel such a feeling.

Then this diamond
So perfectly balanced
Between life and death
Is viewed in light
Of a timeless breath.

Losing myself in your gaze,
Fueling a fire setting my heart ablaze.
Seeing clearly through this maze,
Despite the haze.

The profound recognition
Bequeathed by seeing the luster
In the depths of this mirror;
The true makeup of an endless interior.

To live this life with such fervor.
Empowering this brilliance
To shine forever.

Atul Ranchod


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