New Dawn


Photograph by Atul Ranchod

Despite all the obstacles
It blooms.

Regardless of my
State of mind,
It’s happening.

Irrespective of
Understanding or not,
It flourishes.

What then is the connection?

Pull they do
As gravity to you.

In this process of sharing
Thousands of untold
Feelings at once

Felt in the simple recognition
That you are forever
Indelibly etched into my heart.

It wasn’t about the rose.
It isn’t about this time.
It isn’t about what isn’t.

This exchange
This freshness to invite
Whatever manifests
To make it right
For this feeling inside

To give to you
What I hold to be true.
This most fortuitous
Connection binding
Me and you.

Tears cascade
For this space has been made
Where a simple rose
Can resonate

The wordless song
Of a heart transformed
By a love you’ve drawn
In this new dawn.

Atul Ranchod


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