Photograph by Atul Ranchod

Water, earth, air and fire.
Present here in full attire.
Red blue and yellow.
Tiny sliver of the spectrum of light.

Light and dark matter.
Aeons of time.
From the surface only
Dirt and dust.

Evolution set afoot.
Grounds prepared for a special guest.
Hypothesis and postulates.
Theory of the beginning of time.

Math and science probing deeper.
Working together. Human seeker.
Innocent being naked and tiny.
So much packed in this body.

Harnessing all of these elements.
That wondrous grey matter!
Regardless of any profession,
Countless distractions.

When does the wisdom of the ages
Truly have a bearing
On this time which is fleeting
beyond the speed to capture?

What is the relationship between
Millennia of time and one lifetime?
The magnitude of the degree of
Preparation prior to your arrival.

With the intensity to conquer
The highest peak,
Is it possible to accept
This air we breathe?

It is here the answer
You seek.
What has been packed within?
Those elements of the stars

From afar, have briefly combined
So that you can know, who you are.
What is the ultimate
One can experience?

Just beneath all the activities which
Push and pull you each and every day,
Lies this most precious vantage point
With just enough room to fit only you.

No words, theories, ideas, or beliefs.
No past or future.
There at last, in the stillness
Of your depths; your very own space.

Opening to a world
Exclusively for you.
No description is needed.
Just being there. Still.

The understanding which emerges from
Within, can fulfill your life in a moment.
What a magnificent design.
Every day going just a little deeper.

Blossoming like nature intended.
No longer a mystery.
Everything you ever needed
So carefully placed right within you.

Awaken. Arise.
Open your eyes.
You are part of the whole.
The whole is within you.

Use your mind, body and soul.
There are riches there, worthy to behold.

Atul Ranchod


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