Universal Garden


Conspire the universe did
To assist with such a deed.
Germinating seed
Thing of beauty indeed.

Core, mantle, crust.
Lined up in exquisite trust.
From dirt, color of rust
Springing forth beauty, a must.

What seeds have been implanted
Within your inner oasis?
What will burst forth
From the core of your heart’s
Most magnificent garden?

Forever enthralled.
Coming from a place
To entertain this
Remarkable grace.

Life giving waters.
Life giving atmosphere.
Life simply giving…
Giving completely.

All the possibility
Working in unison
With the efforts of being human.

Extraordinary vault
Of untold hidden gems
Giving rise to flower once again.

Drenched in tears of gratitude
For such amazing plentitude.

Bouquet in hand,
Living testimony.

Universe conspired
To rejoin creation to creator
With the tempo
Of life’s unending meter.

Atul Ranchod


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