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I am very excited to let everyone know that I submitted one of my poems a while back to STEAM (an educational online journal Science Teachnology Engineering Arts Mathematics)

They accepted my piece and it has been published! It is called “Convergence”

Hope you enjoy it and share with all your friends.
Only if you wish to.

It is a wonderful thing to expand and enter bigger circles. I hope you all keep enjoying my poetry and photography.

I am planning on making a book soon. Will let you know how that is going as I get closer to completing it.

In the meantime, if you want to read my poetry on my blog at that is always available. I usually post one a week at 7:23 am every Friday.

Thank you,
Atul Ranchod

Click on the link above to read my poem. It is under Reflections. The poem is titled Convergence.


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