My Poetic Soul


My poetic soul I let go.
I am bound to you.
You are what I hold true.

Caught in all the tensions
This world has thrown my way,
I seek your freedom today.

Tormented inside
By so much anguish
Over all the various elements
Constantly pulling at me.

My love for you
Clear from the beginning.
For you my dearest!
Always there with
Impeccable flair.

At times fearing you,
Because deep inside I knew
I could not reciprocate
Your unequivocal care.

Standing here
Heart and soul
Overflowing for
what you have given
So I can be whole.

You give your soul,
Your wisdom, your very breath!
Without an ounce of expectation.
So freely. So lovingly.

You’ve dedicated
Every waking moment
In hopes that I could feel
Fulfillment inside of me.

My love for you;
Essential to living.
You are the difference
Between waking and dreaming.

Could it be,
You came especially
Just for me?

Melting with your love.
Only prayer remaining
Is to wholeheartedly
Accept your offering.

You are like
Air to my lungs.
Your love is the fire
Fueling the flames of my soul.

Help me to fly
And harness the winds.
Bringing sustenance
To the very act
Of being.

You, unrelenting One,
Have come to complete
My heart’s deepest yearning.

To shed
This baggage
I still carry.

My deepest hope is
To be yours as it was meant to be.
Finally free!

Atul Ranchod



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