Rules Of Engagement


Freedom of no rules
Is such a refreshing mode of living.


What a rhythmic display
This breath in full array
Allowing for this play.

It is for the free.
Free from the boat
Tethered to the dock.

To sail those seas
Where the transition is
From spectator
To participant.

Embracing every element.
Changing with the weather
And the aging exterior.

Feeling of being in rapture
From the joys that celebrate
To the pains that expand
The capacity to appreciate.

Feel with all,
Feel with all your,
Mind, body and soul.

It’s not about reaching the end.
It’s embracing the beginning
Again and again.

Forever a novice,
An amateur,
An aspirant,

To this most ancient dance
Of wind and clay.
Allowing my heart its say.

What gratitude to lend,
To a beauty without end!
What a miracle;
The most precious,
Always hand in hand.

Connections of such depths
Linking Einstein to a simpleton.
The rich to the poor.
The full range of experience.

Because this fundamental
Thirst is intrinsically human.

What greater rule
Than existence itself;
Empty and full.
Just like this breath!

Atul Ranchod


3 thoughts on “Rules Of Engagement

  1. Shattering the boundaries/rules so easily accepted is a mighty feat in the day when conformity is revered… as the greater the success in this realm the tighter the noose.. yet breaking free to feel a real breath, to feel your innocence in the simplest way… well how can rules ever be applied for this…
    your writing makes me deliberate on the most important and for this I thank you..



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