Happy Know Here

by Atul Ranchod
Illusion of time
Exemplified by this day.

What an oddity to think
That in a blink,
A new year has arrived.

Like a runner
Going around the track
One more time.

Those months gleaming
On an empty page
Soon to be filled with
The same old repetitive strokes.

Much like Einstein’s view
on insanity, which is to say,
Doing the same thing
Over and over again,
And expecting
A different result.

We dismiss it,
And continue blindly
Repeating another
Groundhog year.

This arbitrary calendar
Doesn’t really convey
The passage of time as set forth
By the true meaning of the sublime.

Whirling through space
In the gigantic void of darkness,
Exquisite blue gem
For a brief period of time,

With the capability
To sustain life.
On the geological calendar
We are just a few seconds
Here as an entire species.

In this process of evolution
Has our monotony
Blinded us entirely?

The perspective of being
Granted three hundred and sixty-five
And a quarter days,
Must have a greater meaning

Then simply replacing
A calendar on the wall.
Has the mask
You’ve worn for so long

Taken on
The meaning of
Your being?

Or do you wish to begin
The brave new adventure
Of truly seeing?

What can transpire
In this time
To blow the socks off
Of your own mind?

To awaken from a slumber.
Feel once again this pulse
Sustaining you.
Accepting each moment anew.

What took an eternity
To allow
For you to know
The beauty of this show.

When you are in sync
With the true calendar’s rhythm,

The days and months
Will become timeless jewels.
Whereby, you can finally
Recognize their intrinsic value.

Without stopping and listening
In on your own metronome,

How will you ever know
The true meaning
Of the composition within those
Twelve pages you keep revisiting?

For even a brief period
Of time in the orchestra of each day,
To reconnect with
The ancient rhythm.

A beat that has been
In existence before
The blue gem
Was even created.

We have all been granted
Such a privilege.
Don’t be fooled by the changing
Of one digit to another.

It can never capture,
What it means to be alive.
Perhaps the wish
That needs to come true,

Is to fly above the thick clouds
Of doubt, and find yourself
In the clarity of
The great big blue.

What can possibly
Overturn your boat
When you are in rhythm
With time’s endless ocean?

Happiest New Year!
Happiest new second!
Fundamental component
Breathing significance
Into existence.

Just a shift in perspective.
Because you couldn’t even begin
To fathom the preparation
Already set in motion
To be here. Now.

Miracle of life
Is so seamless.
To unlock the secrets it holds,
Requires an eye to behold.

Don’t just look at it as another year.
See, and be clear.
You really are here!


5 thoughts on “Happy Know Here

  1. Very very nice.
    Keep it up in the spirit of ever changing
    Moments in the temporary body,which does not represent your soul.
    Soul is the complete detached from your body and still in it.
    How does one find the truth about oneself
    As did Buddha!
    That is the destination everyone is looking for.
    But is there a way now!
    Off course!
    That is to say God must bless you first to even go on the path of self realization.
    Then the long journey can began.
    As did King pariksit did it in 7 days.
    One must not sleep,eat or even blink an eye for God and he will arrive.
    Now I am studying shree Bhagavad puran and it has the conversation between
    Sukdev and King pariksit ,and how in just 7 days King achieved
    Is it really possible?
    Or we need more time.
    It all depends on us!
    We can find moments full of divine
    Or years and many many birth without divine moments.
    It definitely required the sense of urgency as did King pariksit.
    God came running to see him just because he decided to know
    In 7 days because that was all the time left for him in this body.
    And he did find it.
    Such a strong desire where even the God has no choice but to show up
    Such is the story in Bhagavad puran..
    To find glimpse of divine in a single moments and make that moments your life.
    Well,that my friend is life.

    Happy new year.


  2. I’m so glad you decided to share your photos and poetry with us, Atul! It’s a real treat. I also love the oboe music you sent along ! Just beautiful!

    Happy Know Here to you, Peggy and Sureg!



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