Fine Tuned Balance

To be ourselves causes us
to be exiled by many others,
and yet to comply with what others want causes us to be exiled from ourselves.

– Clarissa Pinkola Estes


Who am I?

The very fact
The only entrance to the
Most sacred space within,
Room for me just as I am.

The lonely and the alone.
The vulnerable and powerful.
The clear and the doubt.

Forces so many,
Shedding the skins
Becomes necessary.

Identities mislead.
Tuxedo, shorts, scrubs, uniforms
Professions aren’t what I am.

This I
Is far greater than the reach
Of words.

Felt I have
The depths of the oceans
Currents within.

Dismantling the I.
Reinventing the I.
Dissolving the I.

This journey where
The I and me meet
Is such a fine line.

The intellect
The mind
The heart
The visible
The invisible
The indivisible

Constitute the I.

Not an arbitrary act is it,
The “Am” so undeniable.

Not a philosophy.
Not a theory.
Not an imagination.

The “Am” simply is.

Such an incredibly dense moment
Where the “I” and the “Am”
Are joined hand in hand.

Without passing

Allowing the
“Being” to permeate
This seamless, magical
Most illustrious moment,
Where there is everything.

Because I am.

Atul Ranchodimage


7 thoughts on “Fine Tuned Balance

  1. Re-read your post of this week after an eventful day dealing with a disrupted body and heart I give you my feedback

    The slow act of stripping away all we have become dependent on, the definitions and directives, and then to find the unlabeled core…the ‘I’
    can only be realized with the ‘Am’ which recognizes this moment, existence.
    The core and this moment, ‘I am’ , is all there is and for this understanding my effort continues and my gratitude heartfelt…
    Your writing provides me with reminders of the most precious gifts..



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