Unlimited Love Affair

The light you shine from within, can very well be the light that is needed to awaken those around you.
Be a beacon for those in the dark.

Kamia Shepherd.


Awakening is a choice.
Illumination can never be imposed.
So simple.

Hunger, food.
Thirst, water.


Then why does the most
Fundamental need go unheeded?

The reason the space was given
The essence from which
You have been created.
Choice is the means
Whereby the core can be fulfilled.

Look closely and you will see
The culprit is blatantly
Distracting constantly.

There isn’t time to address the most vital.
Because space must be made
To breathe life into choosing.

Air fuels the fire.
Divine air bringing to life
Ancient dust.

If a crack in the dam is made,
A deluge of light pouring in.

Destroy and anniahilate
Any concepts you have made.

Human existence,
Divine air,
Unlimited love affair.


Beyond compare.

Sun to star,
Galaxies beyond,
Powered by the simplest
And most profound.

If right below your nose,
Divinity itself
Comes and goes?


To acknowledge this
Ephemeral air.

Everything and nothing,
Depending on your choosing.

Atul Ranchod


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