Happy Valentine’s Day


Photograph by Atul Ranchod

Upon the solar system
In dark black emptiness
Ice cold tentacles
Curl and unfurl
Between dark matter and space.

In the cocoon of the blue jewel
Oblivious to how much
It means to be
The beating heart goes undetected.

What tremendous passion
From seedling to maturity
Standing in such exquisite grace.
Opening up.

Nowhere else does this tree exist
In the cosmos.
No chocolates or flowers required.
Magnificent art simply happening.

My heart and this tree,
Altered states
Conjoined in many ways.
Unique in this universe,

A gaze transfixed
Feeling a beauty sublime.
Kindness amidst such utter darkness?

Acknowledgement is the greatest love.
From the depths past the hurricane
A light flickers
Bringing an end to my madness.

How grateful
Like a tree defying gravity.
Heart defying mind’s madness.
Then amidst the maddening cacophony,
The most exquisite symphony.

The valentine that flows in and out
Never parting
For a lifetime.
The ultimate love affair.

Words and photograph
Atul Ranchod


2 thoughts on “Happy Valentine’s Day

  1. Feeling the love of the ultimate lovers in your writing, this life, this breath and all God’s glorious creation….when attuned there can be no room for hate in this short span of time we have…
    beautiful, beautiful words and most amazing photography Atul!


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