Dream Within A Dream

We are like the spider.
We weave our life and then move along in it.
We are like the dreamer who dreams and then lives in the dream.
This is true for the entire universe.

– The Upanishads


Dream within a dream
It may seem.
Does beg the question?
Asleep whilst awake?

What fantasy is this?
Upon the last breath
The circus tents are packed
And whisked away.

No longer part of this play.
Then why oh why
Such enormous detail?
Cosmos so vast

The micro just as elaborate
In precise detail.

The obstacles at times

The clues have always
Led to the state of being.
Beyond the scope
Of the spider’s weaving.

Perhaps a lotus
Is awake.
Dirty waters provide
Its sustenance
But its majesty remains

Time, yes has its claws
From the first breath
Unceasingly continuing
Its fine tuned pruning.

Upon this landscape
The thirst and desire
To awaken from
A deep slumber
Must be greater than
All the forces going against.

Precious incredibly precious
When a soul hears the cry
Responds with a love
Lasting a lifetime.

Who do you hate the most
When you are sleeping?
The person trying to wake you up.

Kindness, persistence
And the most incredible gift
A mirror.

Regardless of all the times
I have been distracted,
Reminding without
Ever judging.

There aren’t even words
Made to express
For the one whose
Dedication of a lifetime
For me to awaken
To the reality
Of this time.


Are outside the realm
Of time’s hand.

Such is the kindness
Hidden within the secret
Of time’s timelessness.

So although the obstacles
Are plentiful,
A spider or a lotus
It is the choice
That makes us human.

Atul Ranchod


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