by Atul Ranchod

Humanity is alive and strong!
No need to fear.
Ignorance is absence.
Knoweldge is presence.
Whether or not
The understanding is
Or yet to be discovered,
Here we are in this
Golden hour.
So many great souls
Over time’s great expanse
Have kept the light
Still aflame.
It resides in its
And pure luminescense.
To extricate out of
Insurmountable darkness.
Divine flame
Before name.
It is here now.
Old and young
The same.
Timeless jewels
Of existence’s vast treasures
No match for all
The attempts darkness
Makes to extinguish
A light by its very nature
Which can never be put out.
There is greatness.
There is power.
There is humility,
To acknowledge
The essense of light
Within the bosom
Of each amazing human,
Present in this garden of life!
It is the ultimate priviledge
To blossom
From the understanding
Born from the radiance
From our heart’s truest color!


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