Photograph by Atul Ranchod

by Atul Ranchod

It burst into the scene.
So crisp and clean.
Fragrance beckoning
To earth’s long awaited homecoming.
Past the dreary throes of winter
Before the hot and passionate summer,
Awaking from a slumber.
Carpets of endless yellow
Watching the symphony of clouds billow.
Whispers coming to and fro.
Wet damp pregnant rich clay,
Allowing for nature this whimsical play.
What pull on my heart;
The essence of art
Inspiring, evolving, being.
Is it not the most admirable vision?
Arrival in line
With an invisible find.
Fashioning once again
An endless treasure trove
Of beauty to blow my mind.
Spring is here,
And so am I.
The picture is complete,
Because we are pulsing
To the exact same beat!


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