Inseparable Yet Alone

Art: dzaet


by Atul Ranchod

Bitter loneliness
Penetrating the darkness
I am not unscathed.

Not just anyone,
Specifications bar none.

Seated in the throne.
Quiet as the ocean,
Roaring in whispers.

Inspite of my having felt.

Unable to quiet yet
This intrinsic invitation.
Of my heart’s yearning.
I’m helpless to such a calling.

Forever spiraling
Like galaxies spinning
Your center always keeping.

Physics and science
Unable to explain why.

The factors, mindblowing
As to how this particular time
Elicits powers beyond the realm
Of reasoning.

Your exhale is my inhale.
Even upon leaving my shell.

The game was set in such
An exquisite array.
It’s totally up to me
As to how I wish to play.

Embrace my own darkness.
For in its unrelenting thirst,
Moving, shaping, forming
Into the precipice without end.

At last finding solace.
With my dearest friend.
Vestiges of remnants
Unraveling. Finally falling away.

Full and empty
Once again.

All the elements
To form this unique union.

An esteemed guest
On this marvelous
Blue pavillion.

You gave me a mirror
To reflect the source
Of life’s unchangeable criteria.

Gratitude born
Upon a love
With an eternal dawn.

I embrace you, my dearest one.
Without a word spoken.

A lifetime exchanged.
To have the greatest fortune.
To have been bestowed
This passageway and time.

To realize the magnitude
Of having graced this planet,
To be…
To be the recepient.


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