Be gentle and forgiving with yourself,
abandon any and all shame, and refuse to engage in any self-repudiation.

Art: John Poynter, 1889


by Atul Ranchod

In the course of a lifetime
To have been sabotaged
By my very own mind.

Only to realize

The motivation
The drive
The inspiration

Were far greater
Than my intellect
Or imagination.

Here and now.

Feeling the transition.
Standing on terra firma
In the heart’s terrain.

Ready to accept.
Ready to receive.
Ready to be.

With a heart full.
There is no going back.
Most certainly there were times

I was harshest on my vulnerable soul.

Seeing this visage
Realizing the past and future

Like charcoal on paper
The drawing becoming clearer.
I forgive my own intense past.

Because this moment in time
Enraptured by a beauty that lasts.
What a privilege!

Despite going through many fires,
Rising like a phoenix.
Enjoying this becoming.

To be present.
To receive.
To drink from this wellspring,

Quenching a thirst
Beyond comprehension.
Standing on my own two feet.

For this is my time
To be the love and beloved
Of the Divine!


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