Watercolor by Atul Ranchod

by Atul Ranchod

Whimsical capricious fun!
Levity and laughter
Sitting at the altar.

Complete we came.
Discover the hidden fame.
Frolic and play

Offsets the heaviness
Which weighs us down.
Color and form

Imagine beyond the norm.
Free to create
No restrictions made.

Art has its place.
It is the saving grace.
Expressions connecting
Our human race.

We are but for a short while.
Why not enjoy the lightness
More than once in awhile?


4 thoughts on “Whimsical

  1. From the array of colors
    To the multitude of acts
    Nothing stays hidden
    Everything is portrayed

    Mesmerized in thought
    Perhaps it’s to contemplate
    But once up on our feet
    Life is an act to balance
    Even if on the rim of a coffee cup!

    How similar to our daily reality
    We rationalize, we theorize
    Yet when there’s action
    The heart and all is color is called on
    So the spirit can fly!

    Then sometimes we hang on for dear life
    With chalice in hand!
    If only to dive in headfirst!

    We move with our season and terrains
    Leaping and swaying
    Reaching and praying
    So thank you dear friend
    For all in one shot
    You portrayed mine and your life
    Like only the artist can!



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