The Endless Rose


Photograph by Atul Ranchod

With light as its prose.
A photograph of a rose.

From its very being
The light playfully dancing.

What passion ignited.
No longer quieted.

When form and structure
Composed to bring out,

The sensual
Unintelligable rawness,
Savage perfection.

Articulated in notes sublime,
Total disregard for time.
In a moment the forming

Of such an exquisite being
Inviting me into its essense.
Breathing the perfume.

For a moment
The seas did part.

Here between heaven and earth
Timeless perfection
Quietly acknowleged

Beyond the grasp of knowledge.
Opening into
A blossoming.

Such profound presence,
Here and now.
Forever, is a part of me.

I am lost in its eternal gaze.
My heart racing,

In the silence swallowing,
The cosmos came to visit
In the endless rose.


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