The most powerful weapon on earth is the human soul on fire.

Ferdinand Foch


Watch “Klangkarussell – Time” on YouTube

by Atul Ranchod

Fire and ice.
Magma and steam.
Glaciers moving.
Inches carving mountains.

Crossroads of time.
Snail to the speed of light.
Geological to astronomical.
Seconds shaping lifetimes.

What mysterious matter!
In this porous skin,
Something so akin.
All the clues pointing within.

What marvels my soul
Has for me to be whole.
Gracefully going to and fro.
Allowing me to discover and know.

Vision behind eyes.
Seeing beyond sight.
Unseen but felt.
Subtle game of hide and seek.

Stricken by thunderous golden rays.
Each of my living days.
Fueling this thirst
In various ways.

The pact between my soul and me;
Untouchable, unscathed, unwavering.
Changeless amidst the fury.
Unending source of beauty.

Let this instrument play out its song.
Regardless of all that is going on.
Rising above the clouds of right and wrong.
The space where I belong.

The Divine itself
Has taken residence
Within my soul of souls.
I can relax and go where it flows.


3 thoughts on “Crossroads

  1. This has to be my favorite poem by you thus far my friend. Simply excellently penned, a true work of poetry art at its best.


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