Though Not For Thought

Faith is an oasis in the heart which will never be reached
by the caravan of thinking.

– Kahlil Gibran

Photo: Maitham AIMisry


by Atul Ranchod

Though not for thought
What would be sought?

If naught the mind
To take to the threshold
To truly behold.

As if in a relay race,
Mind handing the baton
To the heart with
Elegance and grace.

What a magnificent being!
No end to becoming.

I engage my thought
Knowing full well its

Not maya or illusion.
Such a copout
In this human situation.


Independent of this fight between
Mind and heart.

Do the eyes envy the ears?

Take the voyage.
Get lost.
Get found.

Doesn’t matter.
Just get going!

I have been held hostage
By thoughts and ideas.

But lo and behold
My fiesty heart
Fights back.

I love my mind
I love my heart
They both play a part

To ignitite the spark
To quench the deepest part;
The impetus of art!


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