Here’s what.
You owe nobody…ever: your time, love, energy, respect, attention, affection, courtesy or kindness. People may have unreasonable demands and expectations around those things. Let them. Give them if you want to…but never out of guilt.
You really only owe those things to the person in the mirror. Love is a gift; not an obligation.

– Courtney A. Walsh


by Atul Ranchod

Taken for granted
Voices unheard
Unrelenting demands.

Never good enough
Embittered over the trivial.
Never accepting the real.

Placating what can never be.
So many years

Internally altready
Letting go the passing.

Chess understands checkers
But checkers never grasping
The subtleties of strategy.

So it is
The inner world
Constantly attacked
By the ones who refuse
To even grasp its magnitude.

Unlike a certificate on the wall,
The discoveries
Both big and small,
Occur daily in us all.

Love then
Goes far beyond
This corporeal wall.

To hear the nightingale
Beyond the worldy noise
Is not an easy task.
It involves a heartfelt choice.

The excavation continues
Deliberately digging away
Each day
To feel more deeply
Of what’s really at play.

Turmoil and adversity
Fear and pain
So much
My heart could not contain.

The reflection in the mirror.

But still peering a little deeper.
I embrace all the darkness
In the recesses,

For the push to feel
What is innately at the core,
Of me and you,

Gifted by powers,
Whose benevolence
I stand in awe.

I am no longer afraid.
Break me wide open.
All the obstacles
Are no match

For my precious heart,
Which will never rest
Until I have understood
Its language


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