Pantheon Of Giants


by Atul Ranchod

Pantheon of giants
Ancient and aware
Of the power of the winds
Beyond compare.

Sentinels in a circle
Standing witness

To the rustling green
Flexing and bending
Dancing to the winds
Always varying.

From below
An open reverance
Bestowed in festive red,

Heralding the magnificence
Of life’s resilience unsaid.

Are we any different?
For a short while

Breathe in,

Standing on the wisdom
Of giants before us.
Whose resilience
Has stood the test of time.

Are we going to react
To every stupidity
Undermining our humanity?

Or with a breath of gratitude
Give into equanimity.

Rise to dance
In the winds
As a human being
Was designed to.

Yes, the immediate circus show
As tantalizing as it is
Is not where the focus needs to go.

Our destiny is to rise
To our greatness
Inherently given
To each one of us.

To make it worth our while
For our coming and going
In this grandest of gardens
Ever unfolding.

Our contribution
Needs to be of our deepest flowering
Amongst the ancients hovering.


Watch “Pharrell Williams – Gust of Wind” on YouTube


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