Every man carries a wound. I have never met a man without one.
No matter how good your life may have seemed to you,
you live in a broken world full of broken people.

― John Eldredge

by Atul Ranchod

Arrogance and false bravado
Fires deep rage on.
Where has man gone?

The gaping wounds
Raw and fresh
Like the day they happened.

Cold heartless beings
In close proximity
Demanding so much.

Then go beneath
Beneath the sediment
Each layer unearthing more

Sexual drive
Need to succeed
Fear of failure

But to whom
Will they speak?
No one will pay heed.

Challenge too great
So many choose
To live small.

A lion as a sheep
Can only go on
For so long.


Buried deep
Worthy of excavating
As to a man in his emerging.


No need
To come undone.
There is a strength

Which does transcend.
Opening up is no easy task
Much easier dying in a mask.

Piercing eyes reignite
Not of judgement
Nor do they despise.

They cut through
All the lies.
The diamond in the rough
Yes it is enough.

The polishing and sculpting
Until the fingers are numbing
A lifetime in the making.

The anger and pain
From a dysfunctional
Uncaring viscious group of people
Disguised as family.

What a farce!
It is amidst this absurd game
To refrain

Redirect the energies
Towards a lasting gain.
Healing deep rooted pains.

To love yourself
In all your brokenness
Courage to see your openness.

Then the tides can turn
The fires no longer burn.
They cultivate a yearn

Within destruction
And reconstruction
Resurrection occurs.

Not after death.
Why else were the powers granted?

So yes so many mock
For they know not.

The treasures that make
A man of wealth
Are to the contrary
Of how so many perceive it to be.

Passion and fire
Divine gifts to quench
The basic desire.

Amongst the complexities
To embrace the simplicity.

It is here the answer
Which will never be contained
For it was ordained.

Without losing the fire of desire
Not relinquishing the manliness
To find the equilibrium

Between adrenalin and testosterone
Between stillness and being alone.
Between strength and vulnerability.

Stemming from forgiving
All the events shaping a life
Of struggle and strife.

Then in the chambers
Where the deepest calling
Addressing a man

In his making.
A new day is dawning!

Fiery fueled soul,
Masculine made whole!


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