Southern California

Bio: Atul Ranchod was born in South Africa, attended university in Italy and currently resides in Southern California. He has been a hotelier for over 20 years, and so he enjoys people and cultures in his work life and his travels. He now lives in a small town with big skies and there pursues his interests of cycling, poetry, golf, photography and chess.

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25 thoughts on “About

  1. Started on the reading but not finished yet. The most interesting part is always to discover the heart of the author. This is what make the sun shine on the written words and that they take all their meaning. I am usually not much of a reader except for technical articles about stocks these days so it is a nice change.

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  2. When human being find their true passion they also found their poetry. Some say life is not poetry but I disagree. Not everybody can be very eloquent with words but surely have felt the warmth at one point.


  3. Hi, Atul,

    I am happy to be following your writings through email.
    Now, from the Perspective of my window, I will be able to have a view into your great heart.

    Thank you for opening yourself to us.



  4. Thank you Atul for your blog. I am enjoying it and treasuring every line of it. It is wonderful to finally see your spark in the form of your writings. Looking forward for more.


  5. The organization of your new site is really great, I appreciate your writing very much, you are a true artist of the heart. Congratulations Atul! Catherine


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