Published Works

STEAM: Science Technology Engineering and Math


by Atul Ranchod

Star studded evening
Speckled diamonds gleaming.
From morning to evening
Stars glistening in geometry’s meaning.

Euclid to Euripades
From ages past deciphering
This shimmering velvet sky.
The hard work of extrapolating
The underlying mathematical meaning,
Befitting mankind’s evolving.

Converging science, math, and thinking
To the center of the sphere which is never ending.

Beauty wears such seductive masks.
Then deduce you must the equations which lead to
Your own revelations of beauty unmasked.

Passion and math although seemingly separate,
Algebraicly interwoven, and deeply connected.

This language of math,
This language of life,
This language to love,
At the core of each being.

What fosters the pursuit of knowledge
To bequeath life with an eternal meaning?

Look again at one plus one.
Ponder for the time being,
The answers lie in the depths
Of the most impossible equation,
The infinite residing within this finite being.